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What we do at Patchwork Plush
Who is Patchwork Plush?

Hi, I'm Adele and I am the owner and maker of Patchwork Plush!

I'm an artist, storyteller and lover of all things plush.

I live and work just outside of Bath in Somerset. I have an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in Fine Art and I am a qualified secondary school teacher. I live at home with my parents, my brother and an ever-growing collection of cacti!

Patchwork Plush started in 2019 just after I finished my PGCE course. I designed and made plush critters as thank you presents for schools I'd been to on placements. People would always say that I could sell the critters, or I'd be asked if I sold them... 

So the Patchwork Plush seed was planted and is slowly starting to grow!

Re-think, re-use, recycle!

At Patchwork Plush I do all I can to use recycled or reclaimed materials!

During my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, I mostly made textile sculptures. The price to buy new fabrics can be very expensive, so for a student with very little money, buying new was never really an option.
Initially, I used scrap fabrics from the textile department, I started to cut up old clothes and then others approached me to ask if I wanted their old clothes, curtains, throws and other fabric items that would otherwise be thrown away. My answer to that was always 'YES!'.

Now it's six years later and I have a large collection of fabrics containing different textures, colours and patterns.

From this collection the Patchwork Plush critters are born!

All about the Little Critters

All of the critters at Patchwork Plush are designed and made by me!

I make my own paper patterns, so each critter is unique. It also means that when the pattern becomes to worn to be used again, I can make another and the original can be recycled! Which means no plastic waste! Because of using recycled and reclaimed fabrics, each critter is an individual. I have varying amounts of each fabric, sometimes I have a whole curtain to work with and other times it might be the smallest piece of material!

Although I make each critter to a high specification and use strong cotton threads to sew them together, Patchwork Plush critters are not toys. They are decorative plush items that should not be given to children under the age of 14. 

Patchwork Plush critters can not be CE tested due to using recycled materials. I simply just don't have enough to test! 
(Toys are usually made from new materials which already comply with a section of the CE test rules, toys also have to go through vigorous testing to meet the CE requirements; such as, burn rate, strength of stitching and chocking hazard tests). 

Before I make the critters, all fabrics are cleaned and checked for imperfections. 

All critters come with a story about their personality, the fabrics they're made from and how you can care for them!

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