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Bold and brash, brilliant badger!

Sir Button Nose Badger is a fancy fellow, he has a beautiful red fleece scarf that he wears at all times. This particular badger enjoys the outdoors, especially in the Autumn months when the leaves fall off the trees and get crunchy under his paws. Sir Button Nose enjoys tea parties with dainty little sandwiches and Earl Grey tea (no milk just honey please)! Despite a taste for the finer things in life this little guy is actually a real softy. He'd love to spend lazy Sunday afternoons snuggled up on the sofa watching the Downton Abbey box set (or which ever programme takes your fancy)! Although Sir Button Nose may seem high maintenance, he's very easy to care for, keep him warm and dry and tell him all about your day and he will be very happy!

Order through Etsy here https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PatchworkPlushShop