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Fancy and fabulous Felicity Fox!

Felicity fox has a fabulously flicky tail and likes to frolic outside in the grass! She loves flowers and chasing small insects, although sometimes the pollen gets up her nose and makes her sneeze! Felicity likes to travel, she's been to most continents, she enjoys European cities the most, and places with lots of museums and art galleries...and cafes! She is an omnivore, Felicity likes fresh fruit and vegetables, but chicken is her favourite food. Felicity is very playful, you can often find her running around outside and playing with various things. If it's a rainy day she won't enjoy going out and getting wet, Felicity will happily play board games for hours on end, she's particularly found of Monopoly!

Felicity has been adopted, but if you would like your own critter, click here to get in touch!