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Lovely little Lucas Lobster!

Lucas Lobster likes to swim and go to the beach! Building sandcastles and playing games are his favourite things to do, he is particularly good at beach volley ball! (Although he sometimes has issues with his claws getting in the way). He loves to be outside in the fresh sea air eating chip shop chips with ketchup, walking along the beach front and skimming pebbles. Lucas is very good company and a great friend, he forms attachments quite quickly, but don't worry, he's not clingy. If you're ever feeling down, he will always your Lobster! Forever smiling with his cheeky grin, his favourite TV show is Friends (he also quite enjoyed The Good Place). Lucas is very easy to look after, just wipe him with a damp cloth if he gets too sandy from the beach!

Order through Etsy here https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PatchworkPlushShop