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Mr Stripey Sloth

Super soft stripey sloth!

Mr Stripey Sloth likes lazy days lounging around watching David Attenborough documentaries (the ones in the jungle are his favourite!). He likes to listen to the soft soothing sounds of the natural world and picture himself sitting in a tree watching the days go by, or sleeping through them! Mr Stripey Sloth is looking for a home with someone to suit his laid back lifestyle...and who preferably has a Netflix subscription so he can continue to binge on nature documentaries). Looking after a sloth is easy, make sure he has a cosy sofa to lay on and a blanket to curl up in and you're all set!

Mr Stripey Sloth has been adopted, but if you would like your own critter, click here to get in touch!

Sydney Sloth

Super sneaky, sleepy Sydney Sloth!

Sydney sloth loves to snooze! He's always hanging around... or hanging from things! (but he is mostly made from a curtain, so who can blame him?!). Sydney's favourite place to hang around is the kitchen, he enjoys eating fruit and vegetables, along with the occasional insect! Sydney enjoys the slower pace of life, if he's not in the kitchen, you can probably find him playing a video game, that's in his jeans... he'll go to bed late and then get up even later! Although Sydney might be a little bit lazy, he's a lovely critter who will make you laugh and smile at his silly antics!

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