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Tammy Turtle

Timid and ticklish Tammy turtle!

Tammy turtle can be quite timid at first, but get to know her and she'll soon come out of her shell! Tammy enjoys swimming in warm water and looking at all the different fish and corals. She loves to swim through the sea grass and seaweed it tickles her tummy and makes her giggle! Tammy likes to watch Blue Planet, especially the episodes with turtles in. She aspires to be a marine biologist one day! Tammy also likes to visit the beach and bask in the sunshine, she'll have a '99 with a flake please, if you're buying the ice cream!

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Tina and Tia

Tina and Tia turtle

Tina and Tia have been adopted, but if you would like your own critter, click here to get in touch!