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Need Some Inspiration?

At Patchwork Plush we offer a range of unique and quirky items to help you find the perfect gift!

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Something Unique!

At Patchwork Plush we can make caricature dolls of just about anyone!

All you have to do is send us a photo of yourself or someone else, tell us three defining features and we'll do the rest!

Something Decorative!

Bunting is a really fun and quirky way to add a splash of colour to any room!

We can make bunting in a range of colours and sizes. 
Add pompoms, letters or a message to make a gift extra special...

Something Different...

LITTLE METALHEADS are super cute and something really different!

These little guys can be themed around any band of your choice (whether it's metal or not)!

Just tell us your favourite band and song and we'll get designing...

Something Seasonal...

Whether it's Easter bunnies, bats for Halloween or reindeer at Christmas, Patchwork Plush have got you covered!

These little critters will add a sparkle of magic to any season!

Something Just For You! 

Can't see a critter that takes your fancy? Not a problem!
At Patchwork Plush we love a challenge, from dragonflies to dragons we'll take on anything!

Just tell us your favourite animal and what colours you would like and we'll bring it to life...

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